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DJ Rick Hinton

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DJ Rick 2

DJ Rick has always loved music, growing up in the fifties he listened to music all the time. He would go to sleep with the radio on and wake up to music. He grew up in Miami and listened to Rick Shaw constantly and knew that he had wanted to DJ from an early age. But as they say life got in the way of that dream.

He then moved to Flagler County in 2004. It was then that his fiance met a woman that was DJing for Captain Kirk on the Jukebox his oldies internet radio station. He told her that he would love to try that, but with his work schedule it was hard to do a daily show. She told him to go and talk to Kirk and that he would work around his schedule. She took him to meet Kirk and he started DJing on the oldies station on his days off. Rick loved it.

The Captain wanted to start a country station, but he did not care for country music. Rick told him that he would help him with getting some country files and they started the Barnyard. Watch where you step. He DJ'ed on the Barnyard for quite awhile and then took a little time off.

By this time a friend of his was also DJ'ing on the Barnyard on Wednesday nights. Rick asked if he could work on the Jukebox on Wednesday nights and that turned into a weekly oldies specialty show. They would do feature years, feature artists, weird news and novelty song nights. The listeners seemed to really enjoy these shows.

Rick took a hiatus from DJing in May of 2012, and has really missed it. Our very own Capt. Kirk who now does mornings here on Surf 97.3 FM from 7 AM to 10 AM, introduced us to Rick and we are happy to say he is now a part of our Surf Radio family.

DJ Rick is live in our studios here at the Flagler Beach Pier Mondays thru Thursdays from 4 PM to 7 PM. Join him for "Rick's Ride At 5" as he gets your motor going and keeps the hits a-comin'.

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