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Mando's Manic Melodies with Armand Rosamilia

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Mando's Manic Melodies

Join Armand Rosamilia AKA Mando for Mando's Manic Melodies a show decicated to the harder edged side of music. Mando will be spinnin' heavy metal surf music covers, hard rock & punk on Friday nights from 10 pm - 12 midnight. It's his show, he's got the microphone and the controls so he can basically play whatever he wants to. And he's a real big dude, so we're not about to tell him he can't. Tune in... or else!!!


Mal Thursday

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Mal thursday

Surf 17 proudly welcomes MAL THURSDAY and "Florida Rocks Again". Mal was born November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. He spent his childhood five miles from the Canadian border in the frozen wastes of Upstate New York, relocating to Western Massachusetts in the early '80s for his college years.


"Greatest Hits USA" with Rick Williams

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Rick Williams 2

In 1969, Rick was bitten by the music bug by listening to Dan Ingram on WABC in New York at the age of 9. By 1972, he was starting to amass his record collection. (First Record was “Popcorn” by Hot Butter!) In his early teen years, his Rick and friends ran a Part 15 Radio Station in their neighborhood with the girls from the block singing our jingles. That’s how it all began, this is what it is today... Welcome to Greatest Hits USA!

Surf 97.3 FM Chat Room

Welcome to Surf 97.3 FM's CHATROOM where you can interact with fellow listeners and request your favorite songs. Upon entering for the first time, you will be assigned a temporary name (such as "Bubble Head", "Binky Boo" or some other funny name). Immediately click on the fake temporary name and you can change it to whatever name you want to be. Then simply click the dark gray OK button at the bottom of the box you're in and it will lock your name in to whatever you had changed it to. We will then make you a member if we're online and from then on whenever you come online to our website, you will be the name you had chosen from thereon. Thanks for joining our radio chat and have fun everyone. Surfs up!

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