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Wake Up With Capt. Kirk

Beach, Island & Sunshine Music

Reverend "Capt" Kirk E(Elvis) Haskell was born in a small town in Maine. Growing up in the 60's, he would go to sleep at night with a small transistor AM radio, dreaming about performing on stage. Joining the Chorus in High School, he caught the fever for back ground harmonies. In 1977, with no broadcast experience, he applied for a job at a new upcoming radio station, WWMR, Runford Maine, to work the graveyard shift, 2 to 6 AM. The station was not prepared for the amount of call-ins, the program manager asked if he could continue thru the morning and the morning show host was replaced. He learned "old fashioned radio", using turntables, reel to reels and eight track recorders. When a request came in, glancing up at the 4 walls of albums and 45's to quickly find the right song, artist and information to get on the air!

Capt Kirk got the bug! Soon, he was gigging parties, weddings and occasionally filling in for a DJ at a club called "The Park" in Waterville Maine. Live performances were now a cart of his life. Working for several stations up and down the dial and night Clubs along the East Coast, his popularity grew. One day, a woman in his life, while singing to her in a karaoke club, thought he sounded and moved like Elvis. The 2 took a trip to Hollywood California to buy a costume and the rest became history! Elvis Impersonator! From there, Vegas, then New York, to Exuma at the Peace and Plenty Resort in the Bahamas, where he worked every weekend for a year.

His greatest moment came on stage, competing against other Elvis Impersonators, when he won the "#1 Elvis In Florida" competition in Orlando in 2004.

You see, Between getting to meet Elvis Presley at the age of when 17, and the trip he got to go and see Memphis and Graceland from winning the competition, spurred the Capt to perform in the style of the "King Of Rock and Roll".

Today, the Capt writes scripts for TV ads and does the voice overs. Still performing for LIVE audiences and owner/operator of 8 on line radio stations. Music, and showmanship is in his blood.

Surf 97.3 FM is happy to have Capt. Kirk weekday mornings from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM live right here in our station studio on the Flagler Beach Pier with his unique brand of fun and energy. Stop by our station and say hello to him if you happen to be in or near Flagler Beach, FL. He'd be happy to see ya. That's "Wake Up with Capt. Kirk" heard right here on Surf 97.3 FM weekday mornings on Surf 97.3 FM

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