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Pat Gwinn At The Beach

  • Saturday: 7:00AM - 9:00AM
Pat Gwinn At The Beach
Beach Music

Pat Gwinn’s show “Pat Gwinn at the Beach” exemplifies the lyrics of one of the most popular hits by the magnificent and ever so talented O’Jays – “I Love Music”. In that selection, the lyrics bring to light the words, “I love music, any kind of music; I love music just as long as it’s groovin’; makes me laugh, makes me smile – all the while….

When thinking of the components that make a radio show such as this popular among so many age groups, it comes to mind that indeed the music must be varied, capable of making the listener stop whatever he or she is doing to get into that groove and, last but certainly not least, bring a smile as the listener thinks of the importance of what he or she is hearing. Pat Gwinn accomplishes this to perfection in his weekly shows as he responds to the challenge of bringing to his listeners the finest of hits from so many artists, geographical areas and genres – simply stated, the listener is in for an experience encompassing all of those reasons for loving the music he brings.

Whether the hits are from current or past beach music played by beloved artists or hits from some of the greatest R&B entertainers ever to grace the airways, Pat skillfully combines those artists to create a show that the listener will enjoy from the moment the first note is heard to the last chord on that final song. The ability to smoothly transition from “Ain’t That Peculiar?” by Marvin Gaye to the sultry tones of anything but anything by one Barry White and on to the Grand Strand’s beach music takes a unique talent. Pat has that talent; he knows how to bring to the listener those songs that will be a reminder of days gone by and the times in life we most remember.

His endless knowledge of the artists and special details about them and/or their recordings adds a dimension to the show that further takes the listener by the hand – back to a special time in life. Was it a first kiss? Was it a special dance after a football game? Was it a special love or a sadness of love forever lost? The questions really don’t matter – they don’t define the music. It is the music that defines the memories that we all hold in a very special place – in our hearts. It is the music that defines us.

The commentary, the special reminders of events that occurred during the year(s) the songs were in a place of honor on the charts and Pat’s sheer love of the music he plays makes Pat Gwinn At the Beach a show that indeed embodies what a radio show should be – one that makes us all better for listening, bringing a sense of peace and harmony if only for that brief moment; but most of all, it empowers us to love each and every kind of music. And the memories? Those come along at no charge – just stop a moment and listen – you just can’t help but think back to that most special moment brought to you by a man who just loves any kind of music – any kind at all.

From Myrtle Beach to Flagler Beach, catch Pat Gwinn At The Beach Saturday mornings 7 am to 9 am every Saturday morning here on Surf 97.3 FM.

Images From Flagler Beach, FL.