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Rick "Noodles" Horvath has been a familiar staple on the East Coast music scene for many years. A founding member of NY’s “Sorethumb”, he also performed with “Only In America” until their breakup in 2003. He was also fortunate to share the stage with Jimmy Buffett for an unannounced appearance at Margaritville, FLA.

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Rick "Noodles" Horvath adds many different styles of music to the Endo library from his Big Barn Bed studio in Lake Ariel, PA. Rick is also the founder member of the national touring CCR tribute band Green River, playing the part of John Fogherty. Rick has also performed with rock legends Mick Jones (Foreigner)and Davy Jones (Monkees) and has opened for The Romantics, Glenn Tilbrook, Todd Rundgren and Colin Hay. As musical director for Rick Virga & All The King's Men, NY's #1 Elvis Tribute Show, he performed on Broadway. Rick is also president of Noodleware, a software & web development company.

Noodles moved to the Pocono region a few years back and heads up NEPA’s popular Americana jam band “Wally and the Paupacks” which formed in late 2007 and have been captivating audiences wherever they perform.

Rick, in addition to being a musician, hosts a radio show called The Shrunken Head Lounge. Add a touch of spring reverb, some cheesy organ and a whammy bar and you have quite the recipe for an enjoyable stay in the Shrunken Head Lounge. Hosted by Noodles, The Shrunken Head Lounge features surf bands from the 60′s to the present, classic retro goodies and some cool surprises.

Surf 97.3 FM proudly airs The Shrunken Head Lounge with DJ Noodles on Sundays from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM E.S.T.


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